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What Do you want Cheap Nfl Jerseys To Change into?

Cowboy Legend Amy Tmmith (Emmitt Smith) was 377 times in 1995. At present, Murray holds 99 times, rushing 534 yards, 5 times up to the first, and the code 5.93 is also ranked first in the League. Donba holds 11 times, Randel is only 9 times. To maintain efficiency, avoid injuries, cowboys do need to consider how to use runners.

Drake’s preliminary performance is good, and the rush is 15 times in the 110 yards, reached once, and the ball will advance 52 yards. His data in the losing streak has also declined, but in the Brown game last week, Drake completed the 4-Dalian wonderful performance, and the shock promoted 137 yards. At present, Drake is pushing 417 yards, and the first in the team.

Horseshouses Hilton: I saw the characteristics of Rock from WenzWhen I was interviewed on Thursday, T. Y. Y. Hilton said that she would like to stay in the pony, and therefore refused a higher salary contract.

General Manager Steve Kem (Steve Keim) said: “Although the end of the season is not signed by Drake, I am willing to let him stay. I think he is very suitable for the offensive system visit Lada Image here >>, he also gives him We brought a lot of exciting performance. “

Cowboy boss: The team should use more frequentlyDemarco Murray This season has become the team’s top pillar, and he 99 rushing tries to lead the alliance. This number is more than 18 times higher than the second foot. According to this trend, he will have nearly 400 times at the end of the season. Taking into account the history of Murray, Dallas Deni Bo Jie Jones believes that the team needs more frequently enabled running to share his workload. At present, there are reliable substitutes such as Lance Dunbar and Joseph Randle.

Jones said in an interview: “If you can, I hope we can use our replacement running guard. Randel is good, we should at least give him a chance, he also has the ability to complete the David. If we want to let Mu Thunder has maintained such an efficiency, we need to use him smarterly. “

During the free market of the test water, Hilton said he has exchanged with the current Pony Wentz and the retired player Andrew Luck (Andrew Luck). Wenz texted to Hilton, said that he was very expected to give him a pass this season. Hilton also believes Wenz has “very unique pass tips”.

It is reported that Peterson is ready to store this dress in its own room. Last year Peterson encountered in a charitable golf game, and Pitters told Jordan’s cooler one of the cooles in his heart was Jordan himself.

Lightning Run Wei Mervin – Gordon knee ligament sprainedBeijing November 27, US Time Monday, Lightning Officially announced that the nuclear magnetic resonance imaging results showed that the Melvin Gordon was sprained in the inside of the knee, and the injury took a few week recovery. However, Gordon still has the opportunity to return before the end of the regular season.

Austin Ekeler will become the main running guard. Lightning is currently only one victory in the United States of America, and the external card is competing for two winners. But their next schedule is very difficult: steel man, tiger, chief, crow, wild horse. The five teams are all current playoffs.

In the short term, Gordon’s lack will greatly affect the offensive efficiency of lightning. The running guard in the League’s 4 years is good this year, and the 13-time Daren is a personal record, the number of flush codes, the scorpion code, and the number of ball codes are expected to create a new high. 10 games, Gordon won the ball 153 times, pushed 802 yards, reached 9 times, and completed 44 shots, advanced 453 yards, reached 4 times.

The original trip is reduced by 68 pounds, I hope to change my neighborhood Mike Adams as the talent of offensive cut off, otherwise the steel man will not use two rounds to sign him. The rookie season, Adams started six games, but then the state fell all the way, and eventually fell into a non-hoped place last season.

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