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However, it is well known that the jet will have a relatively large change after the end of this season, so no one dares to guarantee Harva will leave, but Harva, which has been unhappy with the two weeks, I want to be in him. For more than one time in the third team of effectiveness.

McLene was injured in the outer cassessories of Lion Team last week, Jason Garrett, said earlier this week, McLean’s neck is not comfortable. According to the NFL Union, McLean wants to obtain the qualifications of Sunday, and must pass a number of inspections on brain shock.

In May this year, Hardy was arrested by violent incidents and threatening women, July court found him guilty, then he applied for a jury. After the first week, the team included Hardy into the list of pardon. His absence influenced the bourgeoisie’s competitiveness this year, making the team crash on the road to compete for the partition champion.

In this regard, Harvin gives a sure answer: “I feel like this, the surrounding teammates are brothers, I like this atmosphere.” The next season Harva contract is a guaranteed 10.5 million. The US dollar, the jet team must decide whether it is left or cut off.

Hadi’s black leopard career seems to have come to an end
Professional bowl level defensive end Greg – Hardy is basically determined to bid farewell to this season. According to reports, his trial time will be extended to next year. This year’s break, Carolina Black Panther’s privileged label in Hadi, he will once again become free players next summer. This extension trial also means that Hardi’s black leopard career has come to an end.

Shelman said: “If you don’t play the ball at our home, the fans will educate you a lot. Especially in front of you can’t hear anything, you can’t communicate can’t talk, but you must play such strength. The game, you really have experienced you will be cold. “

According to the privilege label, this year’s Black Panther will pay Hardy’s $ 13.11 million salary. At present, Hardi has already got 6.17 million. The general manager of the team hopes to strengthen the strength of the other positions of the team, and knowing the lover reveals that the black panther will no longer consider working with Hadi. Although Hardy last season took 15 times, this incident will significantly affect his heat in the free market. Experts said that even if he fell to no one, he would not be strange.

Cowboy McLeen is the earliest training on Friday
Wars, but Dallas denim internal line Dallando McLan (Rolando McClain) still did not get rid of the plague of the brain, according to local media reporters, McLeen will return to the training ground at the local time.

Percy Harva is very happy to stay in the jet
The New York Jet Brigade took over Perth Harvin’s influence of the ankle injury, but there would be no news that he won’t affect him in this week, but he can continue next season. It is more interested in playing whether the jet fleet is better than the game.

The wild horses will continue to use them Cheap Jerseys From China the giant team trades, Brandon Mcmanus, McMarus, in the first three games, live all free kicks and add a shot door and kicking in the foot. I repeatedly kicked the ball out of the bottom line. He shows the competitiveness to make the team dare to cut off the 64-yogle, the league history, the farther distance, the mid-range record holder Pratt. If McMarus has been in the wilderness this season, the giant team will get a seventh round of the wild horse.

The players of Shelman and other defensive groups are very happy to see the tsunami-like sounds that their fans come in the opponent’s attack. He said: “This will make our level increase the level, which is free of our repeated changes in tactical password.”

Jet runs to Macques will be absent due to foot fractures
Beijing July 30, due to an unexpected injury in one of the running guards, the jet had to interview other players to reinforce the depth of lineup.

McGamell is 24 years old, and the rookie season 88 sho pushes 315 yards. He also completed 17 battles, promoted 177 yards, and achieved 2 reaches. He will originally undertake the task of the third gear. Jet Run Guards Stump Mitchell also compared him with Ladaan Tomlinson.

Mustak star playing the ball Pratt
Due to the completion of the four banches of the Denver Maka Team, the Denver Maka Team, which violated the alliance alcohol, but has lost its work. The team announced in the local time on Friday to play the player in the 2013 season. General Manager of the team, John Elway, said: “The old man who has been in the past for many years will always be a difficult decision. I represent the Mustang Qi team, thank you Matt in seven years. For the contribution of the team, I wish him a smooth career and everything in life. “

McLene is one of the merits of the gifted people in the Cowboos. If he can’t play this week, then the team must be more important in restricting the Green Bay packaging team to run Guidi-Lusi Lace. Pay some effort.