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Eros was reported in the last year of the next year to say that he wants to play the monetar of Dan Quinn. Former Haiying Defense Coordinator Quin Bradley can successfully introduce orthofence. But urgently needed to stabilize the macrower, the macrower may be the most suitable for him.

The area defensive in Rewick in 2009-2011 is the passing area of the alliance four-guards. The name of the island king will come, and Http://камерыстарицы.Xn–P1Ai/ the top of his union can only harvest poor 40 yards. Ball data is even less, but after the 2012 lace surgery, he has never entered the ranks of elite players.

Although many news sources have confirmed Dreby adopted another candidate. He beats another candidate, starting to serve as Tony, Tony, Tony, which is the temporary main coach after the 4th week. Sparano). Delio has served as the main coaches in the Jaguar in the 03-11 season, with a result of 68 wins and 71 negatives, and in the playoffs. In the past 2 years, he served as a wild horse defense coordinator in John Fox to receive heart surgery. Time to serve as a temporary coach. In the past two seasons, the wild horse defensive group ranked second and third in Delio.

Three-degree entry, the retired running Weikem Mike Tolbert, said that the black panther cuts the Newton in the evening, so that he did not have enough time to find the new east’s behavior, and accusing the team Some of these initiatives.

The rumors of the raid, the coach, touched the wild horse defensive coordinator.Within one day, 2 teams in the Bay area have new coach. According to the news, the raid person will hire the wild horse defensive coordinator Jack-Germ Rio (Jack Del Rio) to serve as the main coach.

Torbert said: “They have been handled in the past two or three years. From Newton’s shoulder surgery, two years ago, everyone knows that his shoulders can’t work. But the team does not wait until the race Start surgery. There is no reason, the time point is not suitable. When I was injured in the preseason of the patriot last year, they said that “he said with a high ankle sprain & rsquo; & hellip; & hellip; but it has been waiting 12 On the month, he made him surgery. He didn’t play the first and second weeks last year. “

During the season in the season, Betcus has passed the experience of passengers, and Luck Willson has been used as a whole. Earlier this week, the sea eagle also signed the wire guard L.J. Fort, and asked him to change the whole health. At present, Ford is still adapted to a new role. He can only stay in the training lineup, and it is not possible to get a list of 53 people this week.

Retired Run Webbert: Black Panther did not properly handle Newton injuryThe relationship between Cam Newton lunar season and the black panther is not a harmonious, he said that the eavesman’s statement is not true for his own “request transaction”. Newton’s front teammates now also joined the ranks of the Black Leopard.

NFL official website reporter Ian Rapople reported that Arizona was also known as Arizona, Atlantan Falcé and Jacksonville American Tiger intentionally introduced ire. Labodport reported that the red scitch was violently chased by the Er.

Island Wang Levis: People did not give me a total enough respectNEW YORK JURLORE CAUARY DARRELE REVIS) Obviously, it is obviously in the trough of career, but it seems that he doesn’t look like this.

As a 29-year-old running Weikeoi actually doesn’t have to compare with these runners, he told reporters “There is nothing in the stadium, I can’t do it, I can catch the ball, I can hold the ball, I am the trouble of the defensive group, a person can’t hold me. “

This season was a few times of long-coded Daxie ‘s Old Horn in the US Time, said: “I think people have not given me a full respect, I don’t know why, but the numbers are here, I use digital certificates. I have, but I am not respected now. “

The outside world has been discussing Ezekiel Elliott, Levian-Bell (Le & # 39; Veon Bell) David Johnson, who will become the best running guard, but only There is no McCoo, he is dissatisfied with this: “I think I am the best running guard.”

Coleman accepted the foot surgery on Wednesday, he was injured in the competition of St. Louis ram last week. Despite the news that he will be 6 weeks because of the injury, the team still decided to include him in the injury reserve list, which means his season has ended in advance. At present, there is no other full guild in the Hawks Want, the team decided to use the Robert Turbin as a whole manner.

Hawks National Government Season reimbursement, add external hands to listSeattle Hawks will be injured again this week, and Derrick Coleman is listed in the injury reserve list. The team will subsequently enrollfully extrap pHIL Bates from the training lineup to enter 53 people list.

Johnson completed 2118 yards in Arizona last season, and 20 reached 20 reachaes, and Bell promoted 1884 yards in the case of only 12 games, and the Ellio Duetchi was completely completed nearly 2000. The advancement of the code and 16 reacted.

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