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Do not Waste Time! 5 Information To begin Nfl Jerseys

Bell is the saints in 2016, the anti-run power is excellent. If necessary, it can be protruded before, when it is in front of the ball. In the past four years, Bell completed 384 times, 8 kills, 14 times destroyed, once. He does not lack the ability to fight near-end.

Tiger will be with safety Wei Feng En-Bell’s contract for 3 yearsOn Wednesday, the US time reports according to NFL NetWork reporters, the Tiger will sign a 3-year contract with safety Wei Feng En-Bell (Vonn Bell), with contract salary of 18 million US dollars.

The injury of the sea eagle is relatively common, plus the replacement running guards that have been successful, and the current ground offensive of the sea eagle is very worried, and the team’s offensive ball points are also reduced. Although the injury of the defensive group is generally, it is basically able to come to the next game.

Galt from the Texas Agricultural Machinery University is consistent with most draft experts to be the best player this year and may become a champion. He and Brown coach-Jackson have privately entered dinner, and Galley said that Jackson said that he would like to pick yourself.

Exposure Broner has not determined the use of the type of yuan to pick Miles-GrettAccording to informed people, Cleveland has not yet been determined to choose from this year’s draft. Informed people said that Brown is currently making a choice in the defensive end of Myles Garrett and 4-dimensional Trubisky.

Pony abandoned the injured portrait transfair GriffBeijing June 13th Baseball Star Ken – Griffi II (Ken Griffey Jr.) is trying to play a reputation in the football industry, but the current progress is slightly unimplete.

Denver wild horse ushered in the 11th week. Two weeks ago, they won a dramatic victory from the saints. Wild horse new show Justin – Simmons successfully blocked the candidate of the saints in the fourth quarter and tweet, the other new Xiuwell-Parx successfully recovered the ball back to take 2 points, Help the team defeat opponents with 2 points. This is also the first time, since the implementation of the new rules in 2015, the team has got to win through the defensive implementation of two points. And Simmons god-brave performance also helped him to win the title of the best special team player in Mei Week.

The second team of two side-side partitions in the United States of America will play a wonderful external card this week. Because the raid people rise this season, the chiefs and wild horses have to become accompanying, with 7 wins and 3 negative partitions. Second, all the ranks first ranking will be a winner. Who can eventually occupy the Malian West District.

The number of black panther injuries is not much. The running guard is that Stewart can play the ground attack on the black leopard. The Jean is the relatively stable ball of the season. His injury is also attacked. The group has little effect, Cheap Jerseys the defensive group lacks an experienced corner guard, which may have a lot of second-line defensive stress in the black panther.

Signing the old Malcolm-Jenkins (Malcolm Jenkins) is a clear signal that means that the saints will never retain Bell, match the price of him in the free market. Bell also came to a team that was rebuilding. Before the tiger, the Tiger also signed the angle Waynes and Mackenzie Alexander, Defensive Dj Rid (DJ Reader) , Line Wealth, Bynes.

The Kansas Emirates won 17 in the past 20 regular sessions, and the whole team hopes to rebound from the previous game. In the face of wild horses, the chiefs have never false. In the two teams last confrontation, the chief won the victory in 29-13. Also in the two teams last confrontation, the Chief Defense Group took 5 kills and 5 copies. The wild horse defensive group is equally excellent in killing and copying, and the two teams have confundped or will bring an ultimate defensive war or ball transformation battle to fans.

In addition, the tiger also signed a $ 45 million contract with the defensive end of Carlos Dunrad (Carlos Dunlap). The Salament of the Dun Ripu is $ 7 million. He is 29 years old. It is selected to be a professional bowl. The whole career has passed the Tiger. In the past four years, it will be described as a model player.

Hawks:Luke Wilson is still in the brain shock and cannot be played. Run Marshawn Lynch Abdominal injury, this Wednesday has decided whether it will be in the field before recovering the training. Defensive Director Michael Bennett toe injury, doubt. Safety Weikam – Kam Chancellor) pelvic injury, doubtful. Defensive Director Jordan Hill toe injury, doubts. External handle Thaler-Rocket, cutah, Russell Okung, calf, sick, sick.

Guolian partition Saihai Eagle VS black panther forward-looking (injury record)Seattle Hawien’s National Federal Semi-finals on the Fall of the Carolina will start on January 18th. The following is the injury information summary of the two teams as of January 13.

Panther:Run Jonathan Stewart foot injury, restricted training, doubts. External hand Teddy – Jr. Jean (TED Ginn JR.) knee injury resume training. Survival of Star Lotulelei, Snorrhalley. Safety Wei Kurt – Kurt Coleman’s foot injury, did not participate in the team training, doubtful. Thomas Davis is expected to play. Corps Tillman Knee Cross ligament torn, event.

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