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This year, Su was awarded the title of model citizen, as well as the league defensive players the most prominent contribution, and the lion hoped to rely on his better position in the Sunday to Diaoliao’s Red Tit.

Green Bay Packaging Work Bath Wan Weiyun – Burks or Bust TreesOn August 11th, the infernity of the influence in the Green Bay Packaging Work Basic Defensive Factory Orelen Burks is considered a chest muscle. He also needs to accept more checks to confirm how long it takes to miss, but it is certain that he will at least miss a while.

Obviously Matthew wants to stay on the outside of this impact quadrant position. Package also hopes this. However, after the team decided not to give a lot of resources, he can completely return to the external line of outside, depending on how other players have advanced in the new season.

Titan signed Cairo Santos, Cody Parkey. Joseph’s preseason has been a Brown, but it has not won the new show Austin SEIBERT. Joseph’s career 20 arbitrarily shot 17 times, 29 additional shot destinations 25 times, the longest life is 51 yards.

Let Matthew returns to the outside lines are the goals, but whether he will stay there depending on the performance of the internal defenses when the new season begins. Packaging workers hope Jake Ryan, Sam Barrington and this year’s four-wheeled Blake Martinez will provide a stable performance for the past manifestations in the past. Previously, the previous performance leads to Matthewas to be a foreign-owned guard.

Brown has clearly lost trust in the crow coach group. This pre-Kansas State University star player lost in the first position in the competition in the first position in the competition this summer, C. J. Mosley, and did not debut in the game of Cincinnati. According to the data of Profootball Focus Network (Profootball Focus), Brown played 14 games in the rookie season, but only 211 defensive defensive. He won 15 times a year, 0.5 times and kill and once forced the ball.

Ryan: Patriot will be a partition championThis week, Farurob, will be a new England Patriot, and the team head coach Rex Ryan said in an interview in local time on Thursday, even if Bill defeated patriots, the latter will still become a partition champion. At present, the patriot is 9 wins and 0 losses, Bill 5 wins and 4 losses.

Kray Matthew will return to the package outletThe training of the opening period will definitely make Krem Massathews. This line guards returned to the outside sanwa after most of the past two seasons.

Ryan said: “Is there a chance to win a partition champion? The answer is negative. They will win the champion, I don’t think they will lose 4 games, I hope that I will be wrong, but I really think that this will not happen. I have already said, we will now focus on this game. Monday, we have to win the game, I promise. “

In recent years, General Manager of Crows, Ozzie Newsome, is praised because of its choice of players. But in selecting this total number 56, the player who selected the 56th position was only 17 months, which could be considered him. We look forward to how much returns will be rewarded after the crow will be traded in a young player who has no position in the lineup.

When you understand Su, you will appreciate him. Quin is pointed out that if you just understand Su, you can understand the Su TV or newspaper, then this is unfair. He said: “For Suilai, we only see the TV set, if you don’t know him, then you will feel that he is bad.”

Burkes in the third round of the show in 2018, Burkes were considered to serve as the starting mid-range guards in the 3-4 defensive system and Blake Martinez. In the rookie season Burks, only 122 defenders, but it is worth noting that he is affected by shoulder injury.

Crow tries to transaction last year two-wheeled showThe Baltimo Crow has placed the 2013 Two-wheeled Arthur Brown in the trading list. cheap Nfl Jerseys official website reporter Ian Rapoport local time on Tuesday, according to the informed person, the crow is willing to trade this land guard. But they have not negotiated with any team.

The patriot has been more than 15 consecutive seasonings, and winning is still part of their gene. Although this season Bill’s performance is bright, they still can’t shake the dominance of the patriots in the Eastern District. Not only the partition champion, but the patriotic goal is naturally defending a super bowl.

After Bercy injury, the packaging workers use the New Show Curtis Bolton in the training instead of his location, and the seven-round Xiitai-Samos (Ty Summers) and the second-line defensive training together.

Sakarpu has been added to the injury reserve by knees injury in September. He returned to the field on the 9th week, but 6 either ball shot was completed only once, 25 additional shooting gates were completed 24 times.

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